Our Philosophy

At Provectus we believe in next-generation training by utilizing the curriculum provided by Caliber Aviation mixed with our industry-leading instructors to create competent and safe pilots. We give our clients the time and customized training plan they need to achieve their aviation goals. Located at Gillespie Field (KSEE) we are in close to proximity to practice areas and have flyable weather 350+ days a year. 

Our Team

Andy Littlefield

Andy’s interest in flying was sparked while working at the San Diego FAA FSDO where he was exposed to various aspects of aviation. In addition to instructing, Andy flies and manages a Los Angeles based Gulfstream. He enjoys sharing his passion for instruction with the Provectus instructors to help ensure a high quality, safe and fun environment. 

Scott Hughes

Scott has started, managed and been the chief pilot for several part 141 and 61 schools. His 30 years of instructing experience helps set the standard at Provectus. In addition to instructing he flies Falcons, Gulfstreams and is the safety officer at a local part 135 company. 

Megan Rider

Megan has been flying since early 2012 when she received her bachelor’s degree in Aviation. She has specialized for several years in training CFI initial applicants as well as overseeing new instructors. Megan flies charter in a Gulfstream and focuses on content development and industry trends for Provectus. She is also working towards completing her A&P mechanic’s license.

Zach Johnson

Zach has been with Provectus for over a year and conducts training at the primary level. He also flies high performance single engine aircraft between California and Mexico. 

Rick Poinsett

Rick has over 8,000 hours of dual given and continues to instruct out of passion and the desire to help others. Rick conducts advanced training as well as the majority of stage checks at Provectus. He is a gold seal CFI and has signed off hundreds of pilots for check rides. 

Ben Jones

Ben has a wealth of experience in aviation. He flew drones while serving in the USMC and has a Commercial Multi-Engine and Rotorcraft certificates to go along with his CFI and CFII. When not flying he enjoys snowboarding and cheering on his Boston sports teams.